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11th Annual EMAN Conference, October 6-7, 2008 Budapest

on  Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Accounting - measuring and managing business benefits

Host: Institute for Environmental Sciences (Director: Professor Sándor Kerekes) Corvinus University of Budapest, Budapest, Fővám tér 8, H-1093.


The Proceedings of the conference can be downloaded from the following page:



The conference will focus on the assessment of business benefits that can be realised through improvements towards sustainability and CSR performance.

Keynote speakers:

  • Stefan Schaltegger (Germany): Managing the Business Case for Sustainability
  • Daniel Waistell (AccountAbility, Great Britain): The 2nd Edition AA1000 Assurance Standard: Increasing the Credibility of Sustainability Reporting
  • Christine Jasch (Austria): UN  statistics on the EMA micro macro link
  • Martin Bennett (Great Britain) (to be announced)
  • Vizy Antal  (DENSO Hungary Ltd.): The monetary benefits of environmental management in DENSO corporation
  • Sandor Kerekes (BCE): CSR: what is involved and what is not?
  • Zilahy Gyula (Hungarian Cleaner Production Centre): Environmental Reporting in Hungary
  • Maria Csutora (BCE): Environmental management: estimating the contribution to the shareholder value

Specific topics which will be addressed in the conference include:

  • Measuring the business benefits of sustainability and CSR
  • Environmental benefit accounting
  • Tools and experience for CSR and sustainability performance measurement in EMA
  • Measuring the contribution of environmental performance to corporate value
  • Sustainability issues in EMA
  • New methods and procedures in environmental accounting
  • Social performance and business success
  • Stakeholder influence on EMA
  • Sustainability accounting at the macro level (evaluation of environmental amenities, indicators of development)
  • Any new theoretical contribution to the development of the environmental accounting field
  • Country studies, case studies, surveys and empirical analyses of innovative approaches

Follow up conference: October 8, Sustainable Consumption (co-organised with the Hungarian Cleaner Production Centre), responsible individual: Gyula Zilahy, director of the Hungarian Cleaner Production Centre. Separate registration is needed. (gyula.zilahyuni-corvinus.hu)


Optional programs:

Wine tasting. Host: a member of the order of wine knights

Sight-seeing in Budapest (with a short boat trip on the Danube)



The details of the conference will be added later.

Utolsó frissítés: 2019.03.11.